Creating Wealth

By Karim Hajee
Author of Creating Power

Ever wonder how some people have a lot of money and just keep making more and more money - while some people struggle to make ends meet - even though they keep doing everything they can to make more money? Or why some people always have the money to buy what they want while others continue to pile up their debts even though they have a decent job? I’m going to explain why this happens and how you can become one of those people who is always living life with a positive cash flow.

Positive Wealth Consciousness

Over the years - through research, interviews and teaching my Creating Power System I’ve learned that people who have a great deal of wealth and people who maintain a positive cash flow have developed a positive wealth consciousness. In short - they always have money because they always believe they will have money. As a result they continuously attract money and moneymaking opportunities - while at the same time they find ways to save money and make their money work for them. Now it wasn’t always this way. Not all of them had money to start with - in fact most people earned their money and continued to find ways to make more money.

I remember talking to a good friend, Ivan, who owns a chain of hotels across the United States and is now expanding into Canada and overseas. He explained he had come from an immigrant family; his father worked as an accountant and later opened a retail store while his mother put herself through school - eventually becoming a nurse. I’m not going to bore you with his entire life story. But my point is he didn’t have a family that gave him a million dollars to start his venture. Instead he started off working for his father, eventually took over the business, bought another - made it a success - sold it and bought another until he got his first hotel just outside Dallas.

I asked him: “Were you ever nervous? Did you ever think about failing? Did you ever have those what if thoughts?” He answered: “They entered my mind - but I dismissed them rather quickly - I just thought about making it happen and convinced myself that it would happen. After that I never doubted I would succeed - I just didn’t know how big this whole thing would get.” In short Ivan developed a positive wealth consciousness - without being aware of what he had technically done - but he had trained his mind and subconscious to focus only on creating wealth.

So What Is A Positive Wealth Consciousness?

This is the process of believing that you can and will make money. It involves believing that it is your right to make money and create wealth. It requires that you focus on all the good things that your wealth can do for you and those around you. It means understanding that if you have more wealth you will help more people. It means putting your ego aside - not desiring wealth so that you can show off and say: “Look at me, I’m rich.” Instead - it means saying: “Yes I have a lot of wealth and that allows me to take care of a lot of people - including my family and all those that I help when I spend my money.” Yes you will spend your money - let’s face it - the more you have the more you will spend. This is the basis of Creating a Wealth Consciousness. Because you believe that having money is not a good thing - then you will never have any money - no matter how hard you try. Once you get this new belief - that having money is a good thing - into your system then you can begin attracting Wealth.

In order to attract wealth you need to first look at where you are now and then create a realistic plan for the next 3 months, 6 months, year and five years. If you’re in debt and don’t have a job - aiming to have a million dollars in 6 months is not being very realistic. Instead your first priority should be to get a job and get out of debt. If you already have a job and you want to make more money - then give yourself some realistic targets for the next 3 months, 6 months, year and 5 years. Now I know some of you will say it’s difficult to make money - I don’t know what to do to make more money - I’m in debt and don’t know how to get out. For every problem there is a solution - otherwise we wouldn’t have problems. Focus on finding a solution. Train your mind to focus on the solution. Start sending the messages to your subconscious that you want a solution. Do this regularly and you’ll get answers. The money won’t fall from the sky but you will be guided to it.

How Do You Train Your Mind?

You first focus on what you want. Let’s say you want to find a job - you start telling yourself: “I know what to do to find a job. I’m doing the right things to find a job. I’ve got the right job.” Then start thinking of all the possible things you can do to get a job. I know you may say: “I’ve done all that - and still have nothing.” The only reason you don’t have anything is because you’re not looking in the right place. You’re not paying attention to the signs along the road. You may be dead set on getting a particular job and ignoring all kinds of other opportunities.

The same applies if you’re trying to make more money. You may be bent on making money a certain way - in the process you’re ignoring the other opportunities that are being presented - often dismissing them. I had a student who wanted to make more money. He thought the only way that he could make more money was by expanding his business. He did that - but didn’t make as much as he thought. Once he started working with the Creating Power System he started paying attention to the other opportunities. He ran into an old friend while he was car hunting and to cut a long story short - they decided to partner in some real estate ventures - and things took off. He still has his business - but the additional money he wanted to make - money that he thought he could only make from his business - came from a completely different source.

This only happened because he paid attention to the signs along the road. He was presented with a number of other opportunities before partnering with his friend - but they didn’t seem right to him. Eventually he made the right choice because he was calm, and believed that he would get the right opportunity at the right time. That’s the other ingredient needed. You have to be patient and trust that you will get what you need and want at the right time - but remember - you have to put that ego aside and go with what is best.

My friend Ivan, who owns the hotel chains, examined a number of business opportunities before buying his first hotel - including buying a 50-percent stake in a used car lot. The used car dealership is still successful - but it pales in comparison to where he is now. About the used car dealership he said: “At the time - it just didn’t feel right. I went through the books, knew it would be successful - but I just didn’t see myself doing that.” You have to go with what fits for you - just because it’s a good opportunity - doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Ivan passed on that deal and 2 months later he bought his first hotel. That was in 1993. But he was willing to wait for what he thought felt right.

What You Can Do To Attract Wealth

There are a number of things you can do to attract wealth, no matter what your situation. You simply have to get your mind to work for you and not against you. Here’s a little exercise you can do. Get a notepad and a pen. Now start thinking about making money or improving your finances. Write down all the thoughts that come to mind when you think about improving your finances or creating wealth. Be honest - only you will see this list. Keep going until you feel you’ve had enough. Keep adding to that list over the course of the day. Then when you feel you’ve got enough - take a look at what you wrote. Underline the thoughts that are positive and circle the thoughts that are negative. How many are negative? Any negative thought you have about money or improving your finances is tied to a belief that you have about money and only works against you. If you think it’s difficult to make more money - you’ll only have difficulties when it comes to making money. Why? Because your subconscious mind is only going to create your reality based on your beliefs. It doesn’t care if these beliefs are good or bad for you. It simply acts on your instructions - and those instructions are your thoughts and beliefs. So change your thoughts and you change your beliefs. Change your beliefs and you change your life.

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